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Olivia Penalva

Since age eleven, Olivia Penalva has been making a solid mark on the music industry. Having been the finalist in competitions such as The International Songwriting Competition and RBC’s ‘She’s The One’ Competition; catching the attention of popular Canadian radio station, CHUM FM; and performing to a sold-out crowd at age thirteen, she’s wasted absolutely no…

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Tori Lynn

Tori Lynn, a teen triple threat born in Fairfax County, Virginia, has been performing as a young pop artist since the age of eleven. Her dance career started at age three and has landed her work with famous choreographers such as Mia Michaels, Brian Friedman, Dave Scott, Laurie Ann Gibson, Cris Judd, Wade Robson and…

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Deli Rowe

Deli Rowe is an indie R&B/soul singer-songwriter based out of Richmond, Virginia. With a sultry voice that draws you in with its sweet caress of soul, she has been building a loyal following in Richmond and beyond, starting with the release of her self-produced debut EP, Growing Pains, in 2010. In the past year alone,…

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Malynda Hale

Los Angeles-based multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Malynda Hale exhibits all of the qualities of a true embodiment of talent and creativity. Classically-trained in both vocal performance and musical theater, this stunning performer has secured her place in the Recording Academy, as well as having experienced praise from such sources as Urban Flux and Music Connection Magazines. Hale…

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Meet Claude Michelle

As the son of a seamstress, finding a place in the field of fashion was natural for Claude. His chief inspiration has been his mother, Michelle Sanon, a seamstress for over 40 years. He started off learning to build his craft in the early 2000’s, working in department stores, such as K&G and Nordstrom, selling…

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  • Fashion

    • Shot in a creatively-infused, disused building Berlin, the Hype SS16 select screams screwy, chirps crazy and bellows bonkers – all at the right frequency for dedicated brand aficionados to pick up the signal and run with it.

      The 2016 summer Hype print select is never flat-out deranged, totally non…

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    • 35 (Small)

      Nicce Womens SS16: Lifestyle Collection

      Welcoming the warmer season, Nicce womens SS16 branches out into new territory

      Welcoming the warmer season, Nicce womens SS16 branches out into…

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    • WO_ 2 (Large)

      Weekend Offender: The SS16 collection

      The Spring/Summer 16 Weekend Offender collection is a reflection of the brand’s unique individuality: refusing to follow flash trends and instead…

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  • Art

    • Chazalon Respress is a contemporary artist from Atlanta, GA. She is a graduate of both Georgia State University Perimeter College and Clayton State University, where she studied studio art and art history respectively.

      Chazalon’s interest in art can be traced to early childhood where she participated in several art programs in elementary school and took art classes in high school.


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    • XL - Lovers Spat

      Meet Tony b ISM

      Tony b ISM has always been very creative. “I remember drawing, painting, and making models at an early age. I even remember writing stories. It…

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    • Billeiter_QueenBigHead_01.jpg

      Meet Barbara Billeiter

      Barbara Billeiter is a Franconian based artist, she received her first Art & Design Degree at the age of thirty-one.

      Barbara has had a deep…

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  • Music

    • Up-and-coming UK singer Challan Carmichael delivers this new feel-good single, ‘Step By Step,’ out June 3rd.

      Sporting a fantastic hook and a bubbly electropop beat, the track has all the ingredients of a catchy pop song, made all the more engaging by its positive and life-affirming lyrics. Challan Carmichael is…

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    • unspecified-26

      Joshua Luke Smith ‘Carry Me’ [Video]

      Twenty-five-year-old wordsmith and philosophy graduate Joshua Luke Smith has managed to combine his love of words and of music to inspire people to…

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    • unnamed

      Kyle Britton ‘Villain’ [Stream]

      Inspired by the quiet musings of troublesome love and the path to understanding, the emotionally evocative music of indie-folk singer-songwriter Kyle…

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