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Che Blaq

With just a simple impromptu performance of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ while on a bus trip with his mother as a child, American singer, Che Blaq, laid the foundation for an incredibly promising music career. As he progressed through his childhood years, Blaq began to experience bullying at age 7 and found that the only…

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Break Through by Kay Hsu

Kay Hsu Breaks Social Barriers to Capture Punk Rock Beauty Modeled by Shea Dameron Written by TNT Tauna Hidden in narrow pathways and dark corridors you might find something unexpected. A breathtaking beauty so unconventional it stops your heart. As you glance back for a second look, she’s gone, out of sight. With a sense…

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Daniella Watters

Canadian award-winning Daniella Watters has been singing since she could talk. She began vocal lessons at the tender age of 7, recorded her first song at 11 and by 13 was touring Canada and the US with her girl pop group Untamed. Her taste in music has evolved, grown and adapted over the years to…

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Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak. Experiments with quirk cuts and expanding on extremely simple ideas define the Max.Tan language. Maximizing on minimalistic ideas, this complex language results in details that are sometimes blown out of proportions. Much of the label’s attention is paid to tailoring and draping while…

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Gayle Hanvidge

Last summer, Gayle Hanvidge set up her own studio at Glasgow Artist Studios and launched her very own womenswear label and first collection, “Marianne”. The Gayle Hanvidge brand has a strong focus on clean-cut silhouettes, decorated with unique ceramic embellishments to compliment each design. Gayle has received support from O2, Think Big and Somewhereto and…

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    • Oz Yilmaz received his first camera for his birthday at the age of 11 with which he immediately fell in love with capturing images on his 35mm. Early on his passion for photographing took him to different countries, Africa for wildlife, South America for ethnic cultures, Middle East and Asia for colours.

      His approach to capturing life’s moments from weeklong motorcycle rallies to long…

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      Introducing Veronica Wilkins

      Veronica Wilkins attended the Bucks College of Art in the 1960’s studying fine art and design. After a career in window dressing, sales, marketing…

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      Meet Harry Boudchicha

      Harry Boudchicha is artistic co-director of the Boubokdesign Studio and director of the Boubok Studio (Atelier Boubok) where he teaches drawing and…

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    • London Based Rapper 4i has been putting in the groundwork, independently rising above the noise.

      His contagious musical vibrations have resonated with the hearts of many since his first mixtape release ‘Concrete Jungle Headhunters’ in late August 2013. This body of work reflects an honest, relatable…

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      Ditta & Dumont ‘Save Me’ [New EP]

      DJs and Producers, Ditta & Dumont, have announced the release of their brand new melodic dubstep EP ‘Save Me’. Released via Ultragore…

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    • a0440755669_2

      The Honeyrunners ‘EP 2′ Review

      Toronto’s The Honeyrunners reminds us what true talent sounds like as they release their brand new EP, EP 2. Though the dullness of the record’s…

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