A brand which has grown from clothing a few mates in a small Welsh town just over a decade ago, Weekend Offender has become an established designer clothing brand.

Having taken to the world of fashion like a proverbial duck to water, the brand now boast a nationwide customer base and a flagship store in London.

Weekend Offender has become known for creating pieces inspired by subcultures past and present whether that’s in sport, TV, fashion, film or music. As well as naming the majority of their products after iconic footballers, they have recently offered to give away fans discount in their Soho store on the day of a game.

This unique gesture has made the brand a cult favourite among such groups and has ensured a young and vibrant set of consumers.


The brand is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, how can you describe the way you have grown since the beginning?

Well, we starting off buying blank tees and printing them locally in Wales. We were even sewing the labels in ourselves in my house.

WeekendOff-GascoigneWhat do you believe is the key to longevity in the tough industry of fashion?

The key is to stick to what you are good at and not to follow trends too much. We have tried to stick to this ethos from the start but have made a few mistakes on the way.

Can you think of a highlight so far in the ten years you’ve been in business?

Probably opening our own store in Soho and moving up here to run it.

What are your aims for the next 10 years?

Retirement or bankruptcy.

Which is your favourite design?

Our Category A ‘Goodwood ‘ Jacket with the New Order inspired lining.

Having been known as a brand which designs vibrant clothing, inspired by subcultures, do you think this makes it more of a brand for younger people?

I think the subculture thing appeals to everyone. There’s not one person I know, young or old, that doesn’t like to talk about music, film and football.

WeekendOff-SHEEN Weekend-offender-mod-1024x1024

Do you think in future your target audience will change at all?

Who knows what will happen in the future. Though we are always looking for new customers.


Do you think your influences when designing clothes will change at all in the future?

As long as we stick to football, music, film and so on, I think we will be alright. Those things will always remain important in people’s lives.

What do you think sets Weekend Offender apart from other competitors in this area of clothing?

You’d have to ask that to the people who part with their hard-earned to purchase our stuff I think.

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Original interview source: www.mainlinemenswear.co.uk/blog/2014/exclusive-brand-interview-weekend-offender