Meet Maya Bogle Co-Founder of Talenthouse Hi Maya, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself.

his response I’m incredibly passionate and driven, with a down to earth, disarming personality. I’m fascinated in future innovations, next-generation trendsetters and how brands use original and creative ways to connect and engage with consumers.

forex öppettider jönköping I live and breathe creativity and engage with the creative community as much as possible. scolt head speed dating You have over twenty years experience in media, what opportunities have you had leading up to joining Talenthouse?

Maya Bogle, co-founder TalenthouseI was fortunate to hold various senior roles at Capital Radio which allowed me to learn all aspects of the music business and stimulated my passion for emerging and established creatives.

I went on to launch satellite TV into the UK and learnt huge amounts from my greatest mentor in business Nigel Bogle from BBH who has an incredible mind when it comes to business and creativity, and gave me a fantastic insight into successful global marketing.

Immediately prior to Talenthouse I headed up a creative celebrity business where I managed breakthrough brand campaigns and met many talented artists.

come scegliere la piattaforma di opzioni binarie Joining Talenthouse ahead of its launch in 2009 you currently lead the UK team in London as managing director, what inspired you to join the company?

Simple. Talenthouse’s innovative approach to unlocking the potential of creatives everywhere. I met Amos Pizzey the founder of Talenthouse in 2007 and he described his vision to me which I fell in love with. I initially started as an advisor to the Board and then formally joined just ahead of our launch 5 years ago.

binäre optionen call put For those who may not know Talenthouse, what is it?

Talenthouse is a global community of artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers, musicians and fashion designers – and is dedicated to providing creators across the world with opportunities to creatively collaborate with major brands, receive financial compensation and exposure of their work to large audiences.

Leading brands and celebrities working with Talenthouse include Spotify, Universal Pictures, adidas, Marriott, Microsoft, Sigur Ros, Avicii, Deadmau5, Rankin, Stevie Nicks and Jessie J. Talenthouse’s board of investors and advisors include Google co-founder Eric Schmidt, MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe, actor Gerard Butler and musician Dave Stewart.

estrategia martingala para opciones binarias You have a reputation as a leading industry influencer, which was recognised in 2013 by TechInsider Top100, how important is it to have recognition like this?

Not so important but a nice pat on the back. I think it’s the day to day things that you do that define you and shape your future… You regularly speak at industry and educational events how important, do you feel, these kinds of events are for the industry?

Events and conferences are great to learn about new companies and new technologies but sometimes it’s only well-funded brands that have access to these events so you still have to keep an ear to the ground to identify the new trends and future innovations.

navigate to this site Your mission is to’ liberate all artists. We are dedicated to helping them harness the power of their art to inspire, transform and illuminate’. Can you explain this further?

Technology has given artists the most incredible tools to create and distribute their work but it has also meant it’s very hard to sell work as you can pretty much rip anything you want from the web. We believe that there has to be a new economic model for artists where they can make money from the distribution of their work, and that’s where Talenthouse and our brand partners can step in.

We want brands to recognise the importance of artists and the work they produce and to empower them, nurture them, inspire them and most of all give them financial support – that way the brand is attached to content that engages audiences and the artist can achieve both distribution and financial compensation for their work.

click here to read How important is a platform like Talenthouse for social networking? what are the benefits of signing up with you?

We want to harness social media as a friend for artists – to afford them incredible career-opportunities, grow their influence, unlock their potential, and enable them to make money from their creative talent.

By signing up with Talenthouse artists can have access to unique career opportunities, get their work seen by millions of people, connect with brands that want to work with them and collaborate with other artists both aspiring and established.

We are dedicated to supporting creativity in all its shapes and sizes and from every corner of the world.

click this over here now What is a Creative Invite?

A Creative Invite is an open call for creatives to collaborate with an established artist or brand.

With ‘creative invites’ establishing many opportunities for aspiring artists, introduce us to an individual who has had the chance to receive a creative invite and tell us about their success.

There have been 1000’s of artists from all over the world who have gained recognition for their work and are now working with established artists and brands on a regular basis. We had a designer from Mongolia who made enough money from the adidas Creative Invite to fund him for an entire year.

A fashion designer from London who flew to New York to see her dress design worn by Florence Welch and was then commissioned to work with her on other designs.

A film-maker from Russia who was selected by Avicii and Coca-Cola to make their video and is now working with Avicii on other films.

A doctor who was a frustrated photographer that was selected by HP to shoot their behind the scenes music coverage and now works regularly with them.

For anyone thinking of looking for a career within your team, what are the key ingredients needed?

Passion, dedication, work ethic and integrity.

Stock trade after hours earnings What has been your most memorable moment with Talenthouse?

Being recognised for my contribution to the company and being asked by my two co-founders to join them as a founder. What has been the best advice you have been given? How did it aid you in your endeavors?

Always treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself and believe in good karma – what goes around comes around. This mantra is instilled into me as a person and it never fails – you meet so many people in the creative world and it’s important to instil a sense of positivity and good energy in what you do.

Also, conviction of beliefs is important – you have to be authentic in your relations with other people as this builds trust and loyalty. What is the future vision for Talenthouse?

Ultimately, to liberate artists everywhere. We’d love to open up offices in cities around the world, to build physical Talenthouse’s where we can offer free exhibition and collaboration spaces for artists and to continue to educate more brands to support more artists. Connect with Talenthouse

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