Fresh with solid star power is the best way to describe the 15-year-old pop sensation, Alex B. Alex possesses that combination of adorable looks and incredible musical talent that has made him a rising star with an exponentially growing fan base, with his YouTube views approaching 10 million.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Alex is a force to be reckoned with.


Alex’s musical ability came early and naturally to him. Alex started performing at age 7, and from then he has essentially captivated every audience with his immense vocal talent and unforgettable stage presence. Not only does Alex sing, he also plays piano and guitar.

Together with his brother Ricky and two friends, Alex started performing at small venues around Philadelphia and South Jersey. As he has developed as an artist so have his opportunities. He now performs in venues such as World Café Live in Philadelphia and Wilmington, Xfinity Live, The TLA and numerous Festivals around the Tristate area.


Recently Alex caught the eye of the mega hit making producer, Jim Beanz. Jim had just wrapped up all of the song writing and music production for the first season of the #1 TV show in the country, “Empire”, so he signed Alex immediately and the two have been crafting hits ever since. This alliance with Jim has begun to open more doors for him. Alex is one of five up and coming artists to be featured on the NOW 54 CD released on May 5th.

There is no doubt that Alex B is destined to be the next pop superstar of his generation so get to know him NOW!

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Credits: Photography by Roy Cox Photography