Meet Jade Donovan

Jade Donovan is a Dublin based artist with a Bachelor Honours degree from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin City.

Jade has taken her exploration of textures and surfaces and developed her portfolio using both traditional and digital methods: what she calls a ‘tradigital’ process in order to shape her portfolio to gain entry into the Concept Art industry.


Drawing her inspiration from music she listens to and film. Jade uses pencil, ink, ProMarkers and also scans her linework to be digitally painted.

Currently she is in the process of building her own photography stock for textures that she can pull from for Concept Art environments/ characters. The use of a Macbook Pro and a subscription to the Adobe Creative Suite enables her to use the latest platforms such as Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and InDesign.

In August, Jade exhibited at the Dublin Comic Convention. This was an amazing experience where she showcased a range of drawings and fanart prints but, most importantly gained feedback on her work from the public which is vital as an emerging artist.

Jade is a versatile artist and everyday she thinks about what she will create next. Jade is available for commissions and will be selling her work online very soon.

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Credits: YouTube interview by Geek Ireland | Interviewer: Graham Day | Cameraman: Shane Collier

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