Meet Brigitte Dietz Brigitte Dietz was born in 1953 in Heidelberg Germany. After finishing high school Brigitte studied classical philology at the University of Heidelberg. She has been artistically productive since her school days. "> Brigitte specialises in portraits in oil, mixed technique, collage and pastel, and creating designs of book covers, production and writing of puppet shows including arrangement and design of the scenery. By painting, she tries to explore the paradox of the human being living alone in the community.

Joseph Beuys _100cm x 70cm خيار ثنائي بوت السيارات Whom are we representing and who are we in reality? Already in our personal lives, we have troubles to answer this question completely. As a portrait artist, my task is to discover consistently this difference in every personality. My responsibility is to pick it out as a central theme.

In order to achieve this, it’s not only the facial expressions, the colours and moods are important, but also the confrontation of every personality with their own contexts.

By this I mean the difference between the personality and its self-portrayal appears in a specific suspense.

Gemälde_20 How do you begin to create a piece?

I often begin an abstract painting by softening up archetypical geometrical forms which I put on the canvas before. After that and within these forms, I create ideas to design the painting.

The subtleties operate as counterpart of the basic forms. On this stage, my paintings receive the ‘character’. Expressions and spaces get introduced into the formation.

My aim is to excite the observer to finish the painting themselves, to motivate the imagination to create a personal image in a specific situation. The painting works as a peg on which to hang the personal interpretation of the observer. Connect with Brigitte Dietz