Meet Jayne Lloyd

Jayne Lloyd studied Photographic Art at the University of Westminster in London, and after graduating in 2005 went on to work mainly in picture libraries, while continuing her own personal practice.

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After completing a project at the Geffrye Museum, London, where she also carried out a lot of their in-house photography, going freelance full-time in 2013, working commercially with businesses and cultural organisations.

Previous projects from Jayne include building, interior and object photography for museums, galleries and hotels; reportage photography of community, educational, and corporate events and editorial collaborations.

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Jayne is currently developing the documentary and editorial side of her work through personal projects, work with publications, and has work in exhibitions in Colchester and London.


Adding: ‘My personal work often explores the concept of ‘home’ and evidence of our interactions with our environment – I love recording signs of lives lived.’

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