Meet ‘NaBe’ Nadine Beisler

cheap 20 mg tastylia tadalafil oral strips click here for info NaBe has been working with acrylic paint and experimenting with different styles of paintings for over 10 years. In May 2013 she decided to promote her art on a professional level.

a knockout post Without any formal training, she dares to follow her ideas and inspirations, to hone her techniques and try to give her art more time and space in her life in order to share it with the world. Improvisation N 02 - Waves Bennet Art Reduced to Dots

sites Dot after dot. One after another. Tens, hundreds, thousands of dots become surfaces, lines, compositions of colour and forms. The technique of Dot Painting is the Aboriginals’ way of painting their ‘Dreaming’ into the sand and nowadays onto canvas.

view website NaBe was inspired by these paintings as well of painters of the Pointillism, the Post Impressionism and the fact that the images of our society become more and more pixelated (digital photography). Her paintings refer especially to the works of Gustav Klimt, Paul Klee and many other artists for example of the Bauhaus. The paintings develop an ever changing dynamic in different light settings because of the extraordinary plasticity of each dot and the pearlescent colour.

try this site The abstinence of continuous lines – their near resolution into dots – creates an air of mysticism. The beholder witnesses a reduction. Interspaces become spaces of interpretation which can be filled individually with meaning and construction of signification. Hence, every dot, every form, every canvas is not only the representation of her personal ‘dreaming’ but also one of each beholder.

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