Meet Neil Dunne

Neil’s practice challenges his ability to re-engage and react with the urban space. Concerning himself with the variety of elements that make up the contemporary urban landscape.

He creates work that draws upon the relationship between image and space and how as an artist he can respond to the urban environment.

9 colour _Arches_copy

He says: ‘Interacting with my immediate environment the work re imagines and re-contextualises a space through my own experience, building upon the multitude of influences such as architectural form, culture and found objects. Coming from a printmaking background my work has a strong relationship with the traditional techniques of silk screen-printing. The work re-engages with various techniques such.’

Neil is currently studying for my MFA in fine art at National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland. His work has been shown at the Graphic arts fiesta in Hong Kong in 2014 and also purchased by the OPW (Office of public works) for the OPW State collection.

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