Meet Scott King

Born in 1973 Scott King first started doing graffiti art in the mid 1980’s graffiti art aka spray-can art has been a passion of his since then.

Scott believes in keeping it real and creating what he feels , ‘I love my graffiti art, the origins which inspired me when I was younger was New York subway trains’.


Latley Scott has been pushing towards 3d wildstyle and photo realism being able to master these forms is his next goal . Every year he makes sure he pushes his ability a little further to keep moving forward. ‘I’m my worst critic which helps me keep focused and driven’.

Nearly seven years ago he decided to abandon work and become a full time artist as he believes ‘you have to be fully dedicated to push the boundaries of your abilities, there’s nothing like creating something on a big scale and watching people admire it , it makes me humble’.


A lover of bright colours the brighter the better. He’s painted a few large commissions which has been overwhelming and he’s just looking to the future to see where his art takes him.

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