Introducing GTsolo

Emerging out of South London, Croydon is an exciting, alternative hip hop artist known as GTsolo.


GT (“Great Talent”) complements him well, as the Croydon resident has been praised repeatedly for his unique creation and sound of music, not only as a lyricist, but also a producer. Alongside Dwayne Simpson, GT is also a founder of YehBwoy, an entertainment brand that aims to achieve art excellence through music, visual representation and clothing.

Raised in Thornton Heath during his early days of music, he regularly attended radio sets, crafting his skills within the Grime genre, attending sets on stations such as at Axe Fm, Freeze Fm, Mixing radio and OnTop Fm.

Having released a successful run of Mixtapes between 2008 and 2011, GT has embarked on numerous performances including many of London’s most prominent nightclubs, such as Oceania, Aura, Tiger Tiger, and PentHouse.


Much of GT’s lyrical content derives from personal and life experiences, tackling social issues is an angle in which he believes to be of high importance. In relation to his musical style & personal beliefs, GT has also performed in several Universities and schools such as LSE, Kingston, and South Bank, as well as charity events, including Macmillan Cancer support, ACLT and various Anti- Gun crime campaigns.

The release of GT’s third Mixtape, Grinding Sessions, caught the attention of Wiley, the Godfather of Grime, prompting a call-up to be selected for Wiley’s Elusive UK Tour in 2011. The sold out tour played at various venuesacross the UK, including the 02 Academy in London, Islington.2013 saw the arrival of GT’s clothing & brand website,, whilst also the 1st of a two-part EP series entitled DayDreaming.


In 2014, GT released the follow-up to the 1st DayDreaming EP, DayDreaming 2, which was released in conjunction with Sian Anderson’s Sigh-tracked roster.

In 2015, alongside YehBwoy co-founder Dwayne Simpson, GT decided to expand the YehBwoy roster to include other talented musicians, as well as those involved within the business side of music. Not only showcasing individual talent, GT has also begun to use his skills in artist development and directing.

Currently in the works is an untitled EP scheduled for early 2016, alongside the development of several YehBwoy artists; expect to see multiple avenues featuring GT as the young musician continues to grow and cement himself as a household name within the UK music scene.

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