Introducing Tess Callaghan

Tess Callaghan is a new singer-songwriter originally from Wicklow, Ireland, with Irish American roots, including cherokee ancestry and Longfellow as a distant cousin.

Teresa Disken

Tess went to secondary school in England and spent the last few years working in London to fund the writing and recording of her debut album Rules Of The Road, due for release April 2016, recorded in analogue at Cowshed Studios in Summer 2015.

Musicians on the recording include Mark Fletcher, drummer; Ronnie Scotts, rock guitarist; Barrie Cadogan, from Little Barrie and Primal Scream; Simon Little, of Divine Comedy; and Jim Watson, on keys.

Tess is gifted as a natural songwriter, writing beautiful, highly original, melodic pop and rock songs, obviously influenced by a melange of 60’s and 70’s pop, folk, rock and soul.


As described by Tim Debney of Fluid Mastering, who mastered the debut album, Tess’s voice has the pure quality in tone found with artists such as Joni Mitchell, and a wide range in vocal delivery including the more laid-back, ‘take it or leave it’ feel of Sarah Cracknell of St Etienne (Just Passing Through, Tess’ Bandcamp page).

Tess is touring Rules Of The Road in the UK (January 2015 to April 2016 ) and in venues across Europe (March 2016 to June 2016), as listed and updated in Songkick and on her Bandcamp and Facebook pages.

Connect with Tess Callaghan

Photo Credits: Graffiti shot: Lizzie Henry | Dark shot: Bertie Bertrand | Standing in front of column painted with blue rays: Lizzie Henry | On stage: Tess Callaghan | Sat in the road: Andrea Artz

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