Meet Deirdre Spain

trade 1 euro Deirdre Spain is both Irish and Canadian having been born in Canada and lived in Ireland for most of her life. She studied Graphic Design in the Dublin Institute of Technology, where she graduated with a BA Honours Degree. She then went on to complete an MA in Illustration at Nottingham Trent University.

a fantastic read She is currently based in Oxford, where she works full time as a graphic designer, and is also a freelance illustrator.

my company BrushPenGirl opcje binarne zarobek Hi Deirdre can you tell us more about Deesign Illustrations?

my review here Deesign Illustrations is the name I chose for my illustration work. It is based on my name which people often shorten to Dee. While choosing a website name at university for my Graphic Design work, I came up with ‘Deesign’, which I then adapted for my illustration work.

more info here Deesign Illustrations, is a series of whimsical illustrations inspired by my love of fashion, skulls, animals and humour. I also has a particular love for drawing portraits. What is an illustrator?

see url An illustrator is someone who can create images to tell a story or describe an idea. The job of an illustrator is to accurately portray an idea without the aid of a written description to the viewer, or to complement a piece of text in harmony.

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Homepage have a peek here Why do you particularly love drawing portraits?

I love to capture an expression or a feeling portrayed by someone’s face. I think faces are so interesting and you can be inspired by someone’s mood to create the portrait and the surrounding imagery. What made you chose to study graphic design?

I chose to study graphic design because I was always into art and drawing, and I thought that it would be a very good way to put those skills into professional practice. As illustration is a component of graphic design I then decided I most wanted to pursue that. What is your most favourite piece of work and why? 

My favourite fashion piece of work is my illustration of Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner (or CaKe!) at a Chanel fashion show. I would like to do more high fashion and catwalk illustrations and I like to draw celebrities/models. I think there is a lot of interest in celebrity illustrations and a great online audience for it, as well as being very current and of the moment.


I also like my illustration of Gigi Hadid in her Topshop campaign. I think the models are central to fashion so it makes sense that they often make up the central focus of fashion illustrations. Connect with Deirdre Spain

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