Meet Holly McGee

Holly McGee is an American artist residing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

She is a self-taught illustrator whose career jump started in 2011, when she illustrated a children’s book published by Kane/Miller Publishing (affiliated with the UK’s Usborne Publishing). “Hush Little Beachcomber”, written by Dianne Moritz, was published internationally to rave reviews.

great lady and greyhound 72

During the rather laborious process of creating the art for the book, Holly began to have sneaky little yearnings to give digital artwork a try. She bought the cheapest version of Photoshop she could, and, for the past five years has created work that blends traditional and digital techniques. She works under the brand name Lollipop Lake, both selling and licensing her work with Fine Art America.

She has sold her work at several Southeastern festivals and galleries, and has prints for sale in the online venues Etsy, Redbubble and Wayfair.

kitty abstract background 72

Holly is inspired by, in no particular order, cats and dogs, rabbits and frogs, meadows and bogs, birds and more birds,beauty and despair, hours that seem to fly by, and seconds that seem to last eons.

In the future she hopes to get more chances to license her artwork, and she recently had an epiphany that her love of sort-of-psychedelic color may be (directly or indirectly) inspired by late 1960’s episodes of Sesame Street.

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