Introducing Mike Petro

Mike Petro is an American electronic musician who not only creates music, but an experience. He mixes old school artistry with futuristic style as a performing vocalist, live producer and songwriter.


The blueprint to his genre-mashing sound was inspired by a blend of Chicago house music, ’90’s hip hop and classic rock, to name a few. Mike breaks ground as a live showman, established rapper and versed record producer.

Blending these talents, he creates oddly unique music without sacrificing his undeniable pop ability, which also spans across the spectrum of age.

The Kid4Evr [EP] is an original five-song electronic pop story by Mike Petro that highlights the forever pursuit of love and chasing your childhood dreams.


Aside from the heavy ’80’s-pop influence, seamless raps and big female vocals by Liala, this project embodies the idea that it’s possible to stay young forever by NEVER giving up on your dreams.

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