Meet the Multitalented Brittany Leo

Passionate about all things music, Australia’s Brittany Leo has worked hard to extend her musical talents, and now prides herself on being a singer, a trained DJ, a dancer, a musician, an actor, and a model. However, on top of all of these skills, Brittany is also a presenter.

As a host of 1700 on Channel 31 and her own radio show, PlayOn, she dedicates much of her time to showcasing some of Australia’s best emerging talent.


With the recent release of her debut EP, Undefeated, Brittany is excited for what her career holds as she moves into the next phase of it, and is looking forward to connecting with as many people as she can throughout this journey.

By Brandon Schiafone

How did you begin your career as an entertainer and musician?

While I was in primary school, I joined the school choir and started taking piano lessons. I then began dance classes, private singing lessons and learning the guitar. I have always loved music and, over the years, my passion for it has continued to grow.

You describe yourself as being passionate about all things music-related; what do you feel is the driving force behind this passion?

Music has always been attached to me. It’s a form of expression, and I have always known that music would be a part of my career.

Your sound is derived from a love of rock music and powerful female vocalists. With that in mind, who are some of your biggest influences?

I grew up listening to strong female voices such as Anastacia and Cher, so I think that on a subconscious level they have been a big influence on me. Another major influence of mine is Rihanna, because she is a strong, hardworking woman, who incorporates different genres of music into her sound.

In addition to being a musician, you also host a radio and television show. How do you feel these shows have impacted your career as an artist?

Both 1700 and PlayON are about showcasing Australian musicians, which I love; being an Aussie musician myself, it is something that I am extremely passionate about.

What is the inspiration behind the names of these shows?

1700 on Channel 31 has been around for years, and is named after the time the show starts (5pm). I named my radio show ‘PlayON’ as it reminds me of the Play button symbol on music devices.

Recently, you have released your debut EP, Undefeated. What is the concept around which you focused this record?

My debut EP, Undefeated, is a very personal album. The songs tell a story of something I’ve been through or am currently going through. Everyone has a story and there are themes in the songs that most people can relate to.

undefeated ep jpg

Being that you’ve accomplished much at this point, what would you say you’re most proud of in regards to your career?

My proudest moment is the release of my EP. It has been such a liberating feeling to have something that I have worked so hard on finally available for people to see and hear.

Tell us about what’s next for you.

This year, I have a lot of plans, including getting back into the studio to record new material, continuing my studies, working behind the scenes of 1700, as well as continuing to work on my radio show.

How do you occupy yourself when you’re not focused on some aspect of your music career?

I love to read. I have finished three books in the last month. I also love socializing with friends, and watching shows like Frasier, Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond in my free time.

‘Undefeated’ is available on iTunes now!

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Credits: 1. Vivienne Steer Photography | 2. Tanya Powell Model Agency | 3. Vivienne Steer Photography (‘UNDEFEATED’ EP Cover)

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