The Aparte Project ‘Armageddon Avenue’ [Video]

“Armageddon Avenue” is a pop-rock single that has spurred interest in several countries. It has been on air in rotation and well-received on terrestrial radio stations in England, Germany, India and the Middle East, and Australia, as well as on streaming services around the world.

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“Armageddon Avenue” is ironic about the way humans handle–or, in fact, do not handle–climate change, global warming, pollution, etc. The music is catchy pop-rock, containing current and relevant lyrics with a twist.

Due to its content, the song has received comments in publications such as the LA Times and Pittsburgh Music Magazine, as well as at happenings such as Ice Watch Paris and COP 21.

About The Aparte Project

The Aparte Project consists of singer and keyboardist Martin Guldberg, guitarist John Theodor Thomsen, bassist Christian Højer-Pedersen and drummer Martin Helsing. The four band members share a passion for creating popular music with a twist.

‘Armageddon Avenue’ is available now on iTunes.

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