Introducing Alchemia

Electro mystic duo Alchemia was formed in 2014 in the paradise island of Mauritius. They consist of Summer on lead vocals and her younger brother, Yahska, on vocals, synths, djembe, drums and guitar.

Summer Color (Large)

Alchemia took their name from the term alchemy, a practice by occult scientists to transmute base metals into noble metals (such as gold or silver) and develop an elixir of life to give longevity, the ultimate goal being to achieve perfection.

Yahska Color (Large)

In this spirit, Alchemia wants to create a perfect blend of vibes and sounds to be an elixir to listeners’ ears.

“Music is the very essence of our existence. If you listen closely, you’ll realise that your heart beats at a particular rhythm, and that it is in tune to your every breath, along with each and every movement of your body, making your life an amazing musical symphony.” – Alchemia

Their euphoric and dreamy debut album, Mandala, was produced by Székely Records and released via Universal Music UK on the 29th of June 2015.

Their single “Warrior of Light” was remixed by world famous DJ Mikey Gallagher, of Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi.

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