Meet Alexia Rose opciones binarias pro An ardent devotee and student of nature, los principios del sistema de comercio Alexia Rose can be found walking by the sea or near green trees and rocky places, when she is not in her studio painting.

buy Lyrica online ukI love vibrant colours, barky textures and distinctive patterns of leaves,’ Alexia explains. ‘I experiment with water, heat and a variety of mediums, in order to blend as much of nature’s nuances onto my canvas as possible.’ image-21-03-16-06-59-4

Alexia is a contemporary abstract and mixed media painter. She has exhibited her works in galleries and solo shows across the United States. Her signature works interplay bold colours with the deep textures she has formed using heat, pastes, and heavily-layered impasto effects. image-21-03-16-06-59

Alexia was born in Yakima, Washington and also lived in the Dominican Republic, Florida and California.

The driving force behind her artistic style stems from the colourful panorama of these beautiful regions. She now resides in San Diego, where she is creating her current series “Connections.” Connect with  köp Viagra online Alexia Rose

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