Meet Dario Moschetta

Dario Moschetta is an artist from Castelfranco Veneto, a small town near Venice, Italy. His job is to make paintings in acrylic.

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Dario has been experimenting with various techniques he developed himself.  One involves applying several layers of paper and tearing them in a controlled manner, to obtain an irregular surface like in posters of movies that you can see in the street.

Dario also paints portraits and nudes in large sizes. ‘I use canvas roll so I feel free to work – I need a big white surface, and when the work is finished I choose the right size. I like acrylics because it gives me execution speed, and can be corrected at any time.’

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‘As well as brushes of medium size, I also use spatulas, knives, sandpaper, rags, spray water,and step on the surface. Everything is instinctive, without a precise logic, when something goes well, I do not touch it anymore.’

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