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Nicky Nicholls was horribly abused as a child and growing up. Homeless, drunk, raped and roaming the streets at a young age, Nicky later turned to art and explored the world and the youth denied to her through her paintings, a journey she still documents and paints to this day at seventy years old.


Although Nicky suffered a truly traumatic childhood, one that would cause anyone distress to recount, her life today is based on so much more than this pain. Meeting Nicky, she has an inspirational story and a truly humble, beautiful character – her work an extension of these qualities.

Often the sales of Nicky’s work go to causes she feels connected to, and giving back is now a huge part of her life. Sales from this exhibition will be dedicated to ACLT formerly known as the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust, a charity based in Thornton Heath aimed at helping, recruiting and raising awareness to all races, to sign up to the bone marrow register and potentially save someone’s life.

Nicky’s painting is influenced by her heart and her surrounding friends, family and causes. Many compare her work to Lowrey but Nicky hadn’t heard of his work until recently. In the last five years, Nicky has only just begun to paint on canvases. Her style of finger painting and using a knife is almost as if she is sculpting her inner child. The child that was beaten and humiliated.

The child that was denied the chance to grow up, only now allowing herself to experience, grasp and express where she never had the opportunity. The child that was given her first home at age 54 and hadn’t yet learnt how to live. Nicky paints her journey with the full force of her heart and desires.

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