Introducing Luxury Player

Born Stan Moja, Luxury Player discovered Hip Hop music in Nairobi city, Circa ’90s. In the language of Swahili ‘Moja’ means ‘One’.

At the age of ten, Luxury Player began writing his own raps and doing freestyle shows. His love for art and design developed early,inspired by Luxury Lifestyle he found his passion in music and exotic automobiles.

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Thereafter he moved to New York and perfected his own craft creatively weaving influences from American pop culture as well as East Africa.

Coming to America Luxury Player faced many obstacles for example culture clash. But being street smart he was able to overcome quickly and adapt.Fusing Hip/hop smoothed out with Afro Pop twist.

Luxury Player’s music is about having a good time. However, what really sets him apart from the pack is his unique sound. A fresh voice laced with erudite American slang with Swahili wordplay and a penchant for exquisite beats.

His swag is prized by a cult of fans, who find solace in his tales of goodlife told with poeticism. Luxury Player is also working on a book detailing on his success.

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