Introducing Chris Vaughann

Bostonian designer, Sean Christopher Brown and his sister, Gievaughann Brown, teamed up in 2014 to create their fashion line, Chris Vaughann.


Although they both shared a vision to produce classic, vintage, and fashionable attire, the siblings ended up separating when Gievaughann went on to pursue another field. Embracing his passion for designing, he decided to continue the brand himself.

For the past year, Sean has been inviting people to the lifestyle of Chris Vaughann. Driven to not only represent quality through his clothing, he also pushes to implement a strong presence in the fashion industry.


In 2015, Sean debuted his Spring/Summer 2016 “Wellington” collection where his goal was to give each individual an outfit for all purposes.

As the brand broadens, the objective is to produce men, women, and children’s wear such as dresses, gowns, and suits nationwide.

Connect with Chris Vaughann

Credits: Female Model: Dayana Karis | Male Model: Peihu W Ang | Photographer: Jasmin Sarita

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