Introducing Melinda Molenda

Melinda Molenda is an indie folk singer-songwriter, originally from Chicago, based in Los Angeles. She enjoyed reading Dr. Suess books growing up, and loved to write her own silly poems and jingles.

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She comes from an artistic family. Her mum, the daughter of two classical musicians, being the exuberant extrovert who belonged to the theatre, was the one who gave Melinda Molenda her name, claiming that one day when she becomes a famous singer, everyone will remember it.

Melinda’s brother became a producer, engineering and producing Melinda’s first EP, Fair Weather Friend, now available on iTunes and CD Baby.

Melinda writes songs with entertaining lyrics that draw from her colourful life. Audiences are delighted by the way she transforms negative and positive experiences into enchanting works of art.

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Credits: Photography by Charles Maceo


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