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binaire opties nederland forum Barbara Billeiter is a Franconian based artist, she received her first Art & Design Degree at the age of thirty-one.

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you can try this out Barbara has had a deep appreciation for art since as far back to her infancy as she can remember, which is why she considers her work as being a colourful interpretation of an adult’s surreal fairy tale, one filled with an occult meaning and allegorical symbolism that stem from the roots of her own childhood experiences.

source Billeiter_Bella_Norica Barbara’s art work is often a beautifully depicted story of immense size and vibrant colours, coupled with an intricately hidden story. One of Barbara’s most enjoyable techniques when it comes to her work is painting big eyed characters, making it one of her work’s signature style. Interestingly, her character’s eyes are able to captivate any admirer eye with a profound and magnetizing lifelike gaze.

see page Billeiter_QueenBigHead_01.jpg Barbara explains: ‘For me the eyes are the most important parts of the human body, they are able to express almost everything without the utter of a single word’. optionray Connect with Barbara Billeiter

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