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Chazalon Respress is a contemporary artist from Atlanta, GA. She is a graduate of both Georgia State University Perimeter College and Clayton State University, where she studied studio art and art history respectively.


Chazalon’s interest in art can be traced to early childhood where she participated in several art programs in elementary school and took art classes in high school.

Her first memory of an abstract painting was one her father made on a wood panel when she was seven years old, she says ‘I can remember the alphabet and numbers hand written on one side and a beautiful abstract painting with bright colours swirling around on the other side, I loved it and often stared at it with joy.’

Chazalon’s paintings are filled with complex details which merge abstraction, symbolism and language. She enjoys experimenting with mixed media such as newsprint, ink, acrylic, spray paint and oil to create an abstract visual language which examines, implicates and questions the world.

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She explains ‘my paintings are an attempt to comprehend and explore the ideas that make up the world we live in and the connections we have to one another.’

Chazalon has participated in several group exhibits and was recently named the 2016 Tommy Daughtry Art Prize winner for her artistic and academic achievements. Her painting “Our Connections” was also recently selected to be the cover art for the upcoming custom-published Clayton State University English 1101 and 1102 textbooks.

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