Meet Tim (Teddy) Galimany

‘Diversity is the keynote of my art’.

Tim Galimany  is a self-taught artist from Melbourne and something of a ‘style-shifter’, painting intuitively in whatever fashion suits his mood.

Shape Shifter

His Surname is Catalan which originates from the same region of Spain that Dali’ and Miro came from. He says: ‘So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that sometimes my art (like myself) may be considered ‘eccentric’ by others.’

Tim’s development as an Artist has seen him embrace Post Impressionism, Romantic, Surrealism not a big surprise! Cubism, Pop Art, Sci-Fi, Cartoon, Metaphysical, New Age Art, and lately, more Abstract/Contemporary styles of painting.

Do I look happy to you

He’s enjoyed using a variety of mediums including Watercolour, Acrylic, Gouache, Oil (sometimes all used in the same painting), Tea, and fostered by my love of repainting vintage push-bikes, Spray Paint.

Meet Tim (Teddy) Galimany

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