Meet Tony b ISM

Tony b ISM has always been very creative. “I remember drawing, painting, and making models at an early age. I even remember writing stories. It wasn’t until I was older and out of college that I began to get seriously creative.”

He even considered attending an Art Institute, but did not have the confidence or the drive to follow through.

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When did you decide you become an artist?

It would be fifteen years before I really made the choice to be an artist. As a matter of fact, it took a life threatening illness to bring me where I am today.

I got thru that period of my life, with great determination I was going to follow my drive and do what I was meant to do all along…create!

As well as paint, I also have explored and experimented with graphic design, greeting cards, designing logos, business cards, and posters for local fundraisers and businesses. Even creating a children’s book for my daughter.


What motivates your work?

My greatest motivation is to inspire others to be creative, to do something they have always wanted to do, no matter what it is. I believe that the imagination is capable of wonderful ideas and infinite possibilities that are waiting to be created! If my art can inspire others than I have served a purpose.

I define myself as an artist, designer, and creator. I want to share this vision with others in the hopes that they will make the change in their lives that will allow them to really live!

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