Effie always knew what career she wanted. At the tender age of eleven, she asked her parents if she could ‘go pro’ and signed up with the E Minor Choir. Within just a few years, she was mentored by Lemar, garnering praise from the MOBOs and Radio1 Xtra, but she knew something wasn’t quite right with the formula.

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Still a teenager, a team was shaping her career rather than letting her follow her own creative convictions, so she walked away from the music world until she was ready to return on her own terms.

That moment has arrived. Now in her early twenties, Effie feels fully ready to make that leap she has always known was possible.


Having spent the past eighteen months developing her own material, while also working as a featured artist on releases for FOOR and Dots Per Inch, Effie has enjoyed finding her voice alongside some of the industry’s leading lights.

Having worked heavily with Ghetts, who invited Effie to join him for his 2014 tour, she featured as the vocalist on the track “These Words,” found on his live album.

“Her,” a collaboration with O’D, was released earlier this year and earned praise from TheFourOhFive for her ‘smooth and sultry vocals.’

While placing the finishing touches on collaborations with Toyboy and Robin and Knoxa, Effie is ready to relaunch her solo career with her self-penned single, “Pressure.”

‘Pressure’ is available now on iTunes.

New EP ‘Conquer’ also out now on iTunes.

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