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Fashion Illustrator, graphic designer and all-round creative ‘Adriana’ is immersing herself into the London’s creative industries, and this time she means business.

ADRIANA is London-based creative – a fashion illustrator, graphic designer, fashion blogger, creative director and artist who translates her imagination and creative flair further through music, videography and songwriting.


As an artist, Adriana understands trends well but does not follow them and instead uses all aspects of her creative flair to produce a new era of music reflecting her individuality and unconventional approach to art.

Adriana’s love for creating stems from a natural compelling feeling to put forward her self-expression; she started writing songs and drawing at the same time during her childhood. Adriana wanted to share deep feelings that she couldn’t articulate any other way and writing music, creating art and singing, as Adriana says ‘is the most personal way of talking about intimate feelings’. She adores the idea that art allows her to remain private and mysterious, but also is an outlet for her expression!

ADRIANA has collaborated and worked with many brands over the years, both BIG and small.

ADRIANA welcomes and showcases a mixture of high end, high street and independent brands on a regular basis on both her blog and social media platforms. Clients of ADRIANA have included Benefit, H&M, Tod’s, Dune, Benefit, Lulu Guinness, Moet Hennessy and her work has been featured in i-D, Somer Flaherty Computer Arts and Dash Magazine.–, i-D online, Computer Arts and Dash magazine.

Throughout her education at London College of Fashion she started to position herself in the extravaganza of fashion and arts London scene. She has totally immersed herself into the fashion industry, and is driven heavily by everything fashion brings to the table.

From fashion design, photography and fashion films to illustration and catwalk shows – Adriana’s love for the industry cannot be pigeon holed and she wishes to be involved with all areas as much as she can!

She is especially recognized and admired for her live fashion illustration at events. She is also part of the ‘Made in Arts’ collective and has been promoted as best graduate talent from University of Arts London, her work was sold over a print fair at Christie’s, Chelsea.


Adriana’s Fashion Illustration campaign for H&M

ADRIANA is a professional freelance Fashion Illustrator and Artist and graduate of London College of Fashion (BA Fashion Illustration). ADRIANA was one of the top 2014 graduates promoted by David Downton, and was featured by i-D online. With an extensive client base boasting the likes of H&M, Tod’s, Dash Magazine and TIGI Hair-care, ADRIANA has had a busy few year building up her persona, and is now ready to take the next step into the creative universe by launching her own personal projects in expressive art; predominantly in Fashion Illustration and Art Direction.

Throughout ADRIANA’s practice, she constantly evolves and explores various media sources as her inspiration –however she is mostly drawn to digital art and drawing.

Adriana owes her aptitude for fashion and self expression to many icons within the showbiz industry including Quentin Jones, Megan Hess, Garance Dore, all of whom are creative directors, fashion illustrators and bloggers that Adriana adores! Other true loves of Adriana’s are Nick Knight, Bjork, Roisin Murphy, Jessie Ware and Shura – Shura is expecially an example of somebody who combines her love for creative direction, music video direction, visual artistry and music!


When asked about her personal style and where the inspiration stems from Adriana says: “I definitely love the kitsch 80’s extravaganza – Gaultier, Galliano from around that time. I am also hugely inspired by the aesthetics from the 1920’s (more so graphics than fashion) and classy, geometric shapes. I do love style that is extravagant but also classy at the same time, mixing old with new. I love vintage, especially the 60’s. London Fashion Week’s street style always inspires me, as well as the classic fashion magazines – Vogue, Vogue Italia, I-D etc.”

As an admirer of both high end and high street fashion, Adriana’s favourite brands to personally immerse herself in are Kenzo, Gucci, Miu Miu, Holly Fulton, Mary Katranzou, Galliano and up and coming talents such as Other Stories, COS, Pinko and Sandro. Zara is also one of Adriana’s most worn and loved brands!

Adriana has recently released her debut single – One Day – which is the first in a triology of three music videos. ‘One Day’ will be followed by Destiny… which will be then followed by a top secret track which she cannot wait to share with the world.

Adriana’s debut self-directed music video for ‘One Day’ (in association with Sophia Kula) has been nominated for prestigious awards at The Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival for Best Emerging Talent.

When talking about ‘One Day’ Adriana explains: “I wrote this song while I was in New York. I was walking around the city and trying to get an illustration contract and I was around the Central Park area in total awe of the architecture. The weather was mellow and beautiful, and I ended up being around the Upper East Side of town. I was constantly thinking ‘One day I will be living here. One day I will have a deal/contract. One day I will’ I was performing at an open mic event later on, so I went to hire a room for an hour with a Steinway grand piano at a music school to rehearse a bit. I was a fresh uni graduate and was doing my best to achieve my dreams in illustration and music and I was thinking about how to get there. While rehearsing I immersed in those dreamy thoughts of hope and that’s how I wrote the song.”

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