Meet Amy Mifsud

follow link binary options are gambling Amy Mifsud is a photographer based in southwest England, working in a variety of media, such as moving image, film, digital photography and books. She possesses a vast interest in applying the themes of fashion photography to political issues on gender assumptions.

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go Amy recently collaborated with Trndsxl, an androgynous high fashion company based in London, and is currently seeking other opportunities to work with creatives in fashion, music and publishing industries as well.

go to site For her, photography is the purest form of communication–the ambiguity she creates within her images allows viewers to interpret meanings that they can relate to on a personal level. IMG_1429

source url Amy hopes that her relocation to Bristol in September will assist her in both expanding her photography knowledge and increasing her network.

Orlistat 120 mg without prescription Amy endeavors to continue both her personal and commercial work in abundance.

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