Bobby Shoebotham ‘I’m On Your Side’ [Stream]

The next in a long line of classic punk rock singer-songwriters, Bobby Shoebotham follows hot on the footsteps of his recent contemporaries, such as Ben Nicholls, Alison Weiss and Brian Fallon.


While not always at the forefront of the scene, one can clearly note these influences in his second single, ‘I’m On Your Side,’ which tells a story to which all can relate, albeit in an uplifting and positive fashion.

Shoebotham states, “The song’s pretty much about exactly what it says on the tin: that age-old classic of falling for someone you shouldn’t. I wanted to convey how much that situation sucks, but I didn’t really want it to be a major bummer like some crappy Dashboard Confessional song.”


‘I’m On Your Side’ merely scrapes the tip of the iceberg, however, as the six tracks of his new EP cover a wide range of musical styles from bluegrass to swing, whilst continuously transmitting the punk rock ethos to the listener.

The name of Bobby Shoebotham will certainly and shortly be mentioned alongside his heroes, with songs as powerful, catchy and just as downright phenomenal as these.

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Credits: Feature edited by Rochelle Dulaney

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