Changu Jack ‘Kings & Queens’ [Stream]

Pretoria-based house music producer Changu Jack is causing quite a stir in the local scene. The young muso started his journey back in 2006, in a small-time studio in the back of his family’s home. It was there that he developed an appreciation for producing world-class, quality music.


His first official remix came from an unexpected source: BIT Mexico Records. Mexico-based house producer Alex Aguilar granted Jack the opportunity to remix his track, ‘Sometimes,’ and it was later released in 2008. Within the next year, word had spread about the Pretorian’s unique sound, and, by 2009, he had released his first EP, entitled ‘Good Morning Sunshine,’ on Mycrazything Records in France.

Changu Jack’s latest radio friendly hit, ‘Kings & Queens,’ is sure to set your soul on fire, featuring floor-filling remixes from label owner Elster and international French superstar Alan De Lanaire.

‘Kings & Queens’ signals the debut of a plethora of distinctive releases for El Records, as this tune is sure to heat up your winter. Stay tuned for more tracks from this musical genius.

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