10 SIDE is a growing new fashion brand. This brand has been inspired by the environment, and a fusion of the designer’s unique artistic style combined with fashion to create an innovative take on the
fashion scene that has never been seen before.


10 SIDE felt that there weren’t many luxury brands that embrace the urban culture and positive impact it has had on Britain’s culture. They want their designs to portray the message that in every society or group there is always that one individual who stands out from the crowd or is not afraid to be different, and that person usually outshines the others like a diamond.

This is where the concept of ‘diamante’ originates from and is a message that 10 SIDE plans to bring across.


The designs are based on the luxury and urban culture of Britain. The aim is for their designs to be classy streetwear attire. 10 SIDE’s designs are for the people and are not fixed or restricted to a certain criteria.

At the moment you can purchase 10 SIDE’s products via their website: 10side.bigcartel.com


The future for 10 SIDE is to sustain longevity and tranquility. Look forward to their exclusive winter collection which is releasing in the near future, and which will be only available on their site for now.

10 SIDE wants people who wear their brand to feel different and significant, and they want to develop into not just a brand, but a world renowned culture.