Nayan ‘Butter’ [Video]

R&B singer-songwriter Nayan presents his new single & video ‘Butter’.

If you love music infused with intense laid-back soul, you’ll love this. The perfect song to turn on when you want things to heat up.


Nayan is an Indian musician who by all accounts has beaten the odds. In his country being a musician for a living just wasn’t possible. It’s like the age-old story of a talented kid who wants to make it big doing something he loves, only to get discouraged. People say ‘That’s ridiculous, That’s not realistic or You can’t support yourself!’

Debuted on KISS FM Radio, Nayan is proving all those people wrong with the release of his single ‘Butter’.

Nayan is now taking hold in the states. His sounds are fresh and relatable. He’s unique, but reminiscent of sounds like The Weekend’s music with a hint of Usher. It’s catchy and great to groove to. In fact ‘groove’ should be his middle name!

By just listening to the track you can feel your feet tapping and your body start to bounce along. Perfect for a long drive, just roll down the top and play this song.

Nayan is a strong proponent of love. You can tell with his first track that he’s on course to promote love to the world. And when asked how he would described his music: ‘Fresh, fun and flirtatious, that’s exactly what Butter is.’

From this great debut track, hopefully there will be many more to come as Nayan develops as an artist and explodes onto the music scene.

You have to give Nayan credit for is the amount of props he has already garnered from big names in the celebrity world. People like Nigel Caaro, Nick Cannon and even Sharon Osbourne watched him perform live on ‘America’s Got Talent’ announcing his pending greatness in the music world.


Be sure to look out for Nayan. Growing up all over the world it will be interesting to see where his music takes him. Likely he will draw from all of his experiences to create a catalogue of diverse music that is still true to who he is.

Just listen to ‘Butter’ and you’ll hear one of the most dynamic newer artists around!

Up coming performances 

Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood on 14th October and 17th November

Carbon Lounge, Los Angeles on 19th November

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