MAX.TAN SS17 Collection

Understanding the fundamental of androgyny is vital as it differs from the society’s idea of beauty in women.


There is a subtle realisation that the inner aspect of oneself is a mixture of the dichotomy of traits stereotypically associated with man and women.


To say that all women are passive and all men are aggressive is an ambiguous statement. While tendencies may exist, it is safe to say we all belong to somewhere in between.


Spring/Summer 17 explores on breaking gender boundaries with femininity intact. Corsetry laces are used to shape the torso in a masculine manner.


Tailored pants are slashed to allow it to fall in a feminine manner. This constant coalescence of details from the women and silhouette from the men creates an amicable contrasted outcome, allowing them to meet at a universal point.


Androgyny is more than just boys in frocks and girls in suit, it is an attitude that goes beyond the unspoken rules of gender.

The full lookbook can be viewed here

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