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binaire opties verkopen subway dating policy Jenna Moore is a self-taught artist on the autistic spectrum. She creates stylised, impressionistic paintings of animals, landscapes and people, breaking down everything into lines and flat images. Her most recent abstract 2D representations are composed of shapes, frequently spirals, emphasised with black lines for definition. Preferring a bright, vibrant palette, while often making heavy use of texturing, Jenna gives her work a 3D effect that you can actually feel.

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تاجر خيارات ثنائية مؤشر الاختيار Jenna’s work in pen and ink is composed of small fragments which build up into the larger completed image; assembled like a jigsaw. As a young artist, Jenna developed her own style drawing in mosaics; dividing pages into segments and adding colours. These processes still influence her work as an adult, depicting a preference for defining black lines, embracing the colour.

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För Viagra 200 mg utan recept Jenna works from home in Northumberland, England in a large loft space for a studio. Being autistic has resulted in some unusual habits when painting. Jenna dislikes easels so chooses to sit cross-legged on the floor with the painting resting on her legs. Leaning over her work to paint gives her an unusually close up perspective on what she is creating.

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