Rivers and Satellites

Six years ago, two brothers came together to begin writing guitar-based melodic rock songs and form an alternative rock band, now known as Rivers and Satellites.


Since their formation, Prateek, 23, and Mohit, 25, have worked, tirelessly, to improve their skills and craft lyrics that their fans can relate to. Intrigued by their style, we sat down with Prateek to learn more about the band and what we can expect from them as they continue to grow.

By Brandon Schiafone

How did Rivers and Satellites come to be formed?

Mohit asked for a guitar for his birthday and then we both took some lessons and started writing songs. It’s funny because I don’t recall thinking that we should write our songs, we just did it, like drinking water after a meal.

What was the motivation for utilizing the name ‘Rivers and Satellites’?

Initially we named the band ‘The River’, then we thought of ‘The Satellites’, but we were unsatisfied with both on their own. So, we clubbed them together and Rivers and Satellites was what we decided on. It is also unique and the Google results are just us, so that’s helpful.


After starting the band, about six years ago, you have been constantly trying to improve your skills until you’re proud of it. How do you know when you have reached this point?

Well, when you listen to what you wrote and the music now has a vibe and the potential to create a million meanings to a million different people. That a good sign, isn’t it? When that indescribable feeling is generated and it takes you somewhere else, you know you’ve got something.

How would you describe your sound to someone you met on the street?

We say we are alternative rock, but all our songs sound different even though they’re generated from the same instruments. That’s intentional, though, as ‘new’ is what excites us as songwriters and musicians. But, if I was talking to a journalist, I would say alternative rock.

You’ve mentioned that you write songs that people can relate to. Describe your songwriting process and how you determine your subject matter.

We both write–there is no one process–sometimes we co-write, sometimes individually, but we are not easy on ourselves. Most of the time, when I write, I feel I have to say something or express something I have felt very strongly about.

Most of the time, I have a complete idea of what I’m writing about, but that doesn’t stop me from writing fantasy songs as those are also fun and a great songwriting exercise–for example, I wrote a song called ‘One’ about the movie Sorcerer’s Apprentice when I saw it (laughs).Mohit also writes meaningful songs and his new ideas always excite me which is great.


If you were to go on tour tomorrow, what bands would you love to share the stage with?

Oh, Foo fighters, Tool, U2, Nirvana, Oasis, Zeppeling, Sabbath, Floyd. All the great ones (laughs).

If you could perform one place in the world, where would it be?

Well, at this point it would sound a little funny, but Wembley Stadium!

Describe a moment, that stands out in your mind, when you truly felt like you were having the most fun with your music.

At this point, every moment is great. I can’t remember a time where we didn’t enjoy it.

Is the sound that you have now one that you foresee yourself sticking with? Or, do you feel it may change as you continue to evolve as a band?

Of course we are not sticking with it. We wanna change with every song. That’s the best part, creating something different or expressing the same thing in a totally different way.


What can we expect from Rivers and Satellites in the next little while?

Well we are trying to promote ourselves as much as possible, because the material we have now hasn’t been heard by many, but one thing I am sure you can expect from us will be quality and nothing else.

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