Panashe ‘Know Your Worth’ [Awareness Video]

In March 2012 Panashe release his debut grime mixtape entitled YOUCOULDSAYTHEBESTMC hosted by New York Red Bulls star striker Bradley Wright-Phillips.

This mixtape was a cover of well-known grime instrumentals in the grime scene & also covers of artists Panashe enjoyed listening to.

Over that campaign, a total of five videos were shot in a space of five months, demonstrating the hard work & determination that he had in order to make an impact on the industry.

Roll on 2016, and Panashe has now rejuvenated his image and skill set & has now decided to showcase his singing & song writing ability to show us his full potential, with an EP entitled “Broken Roses” with production from Crumz, Fide, J Breeze & Strong Symphony out December 2016.

With three videos being shot this year, Panashe has decided to bring RNB music from a standpoint where the music represents a great deal of relationships and situations that people are involved with in this day & age, which Panashe hopes to convey to the audience throughout the whole of the EP.

His Next single ‘KNOW YOUR WORTH’ focuses on a deeper content of music: relationships involving domestic abuse. The song will be accompanied by a short music video to highlight this issue & to create more an impact.

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