Dabier ‘New Faces’ [New EP]

In his new EP, Dabier addresses deep social issues in the five tracks included. The central track to his overriding philosophy is “New Faces,” an anthem that cautions people who have become successful overnight not to forget their roots.

Dabier notes that, “N*****, we made it!” but also that the hero of the song hasn’t been by lately to see his mother. Dabier also puts that together with a message that, with “… cash in hand,” it’s much easier to go through the world and also notes that the song’s hero is one of a group of “New Faces” in that world.

Dabier continues his train of thought in “I Will,” a track that shows the hero’s new world is a thin fantasy of peaceful equality. Supposedly, the “New Faces” will fit right in.

From initial hi-hat cymbal clicks to an echoing ending on the prophetic words, “I Will,” the track instead portrays the true, disturbing reality where certain people are, as Dabier says, being “… killed off selectively.”

Later in the track, Dabier explains that, despite an artificial desire to fit in, the people in the hero’s new world are really only out for themselves and perpetuate the false fantasy of a peaceful world for their own ends. The harmony of “I Will” is interesting and catchy.

Dabier is clever, too, when he adds modulations to different keys at points in the text that highlight the significant points he is making.

Despite the nihilistic tone of Dabier’s observations, he remains optimistic about the effect he can have in enlightening the world.

The haunting refrain of “I Will” shows that Dabier himself will act on his personal dreams and fantasies of a harmonious society instead of accepting the status quo of false equality.

Dabier’s new EP is musically sound, and the raps are free-flowing and easy to understand. In all, the EP is a worthy addition to the California music scene.

‘New Faces’ is available on iTunes now!

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