Ornament & Crime: Eudon Choi AW17

For his AW17 collection, Eudon Choi has found inspiration in the work of Adolf Loos (1870-1933) an Austrian and Czech architect and influential European theorist of modern architecture and a pioneer of the modernist movement.

The collection focuses on Loos’ ethos for the elimination of adornment and captures his minimalist attitudes towards design.

The title of the show pays homage to Loos’ controversial essay, ‘Ornament and Crime’ which explored the idea of the deletion of ornament from everyday objects. Within the essay, Loos claimed that it was a crime to force craftsmen to waste their time on decoration he believed would become obsolete.

Loos’ favoured an austere aesthetic for the exteriors of his buildings though the interiors were surprisingly luxurious. With a preference for smooth and precious surfaces, they displayed fine quality natural materials, wood and marble, with patterns and textures in flat planes.

Choi translates this philosophy into a collection of utilitarian designs, looking back to his menswear roots and exploring sartorial silhouettes.

Choi drew particular inspiration from the concept of ‘Raumplan’ the idea of combining the stark exterior with the plush interior. He replicates this by balancing the crisp lines of his tailoring with opulent fastenings and his signature feminine sensibility.

This season Eudon Choi has joined forces with global bag brand Decke to debut a range directly inspired by the ‘Villa Müller’, one of Loos’ most iconic works.

The quality of the leather and unique hardware show a definite comparison to the fittings and fixtures within the Müller home. The collaboration encapsulates both the classic elegance of Decke and Choi’s refined attitude.

Three of the bags seen on the catwalk will be available on Eudon Choi’s website directly after the show as part of a See Now Buy Now initiative.

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