The Orchestra of Cardboard ‘The Shetlands’ [Video]

The Orchestra of Cardboard’s second release with Blang builds on their first EP ‘Germans in Space,’ played with huge enthusiasm by Gideon Coe, Tom Robinson and Clare McDonnell on BBC6 Music.

“The Shetlands is a love song really. It’s about that feeling we all have of just escaping the city and moving to a more basic and simple existence in a remote out of the way place,” says singer and songwriter Dan Edelstyn.

Stormchaser from Daniel Edelstyn on Vimeo.

The Orchestra of Cardboard are fusing art, film, music and radical politics which will end in a KLF style stunt, in which they will burn millions of pounds worth of student and payday debt. The plan is to build the profile of the band up over the next year releasing three EP’s, culminating in an album.

“We’re creating an alternative universe fusing music, radical politics, art and early cinema style films. BBC Radio 6 Music loved our debut EP. Our influences are Leonard Cohen, Beck, Dylan, Bowie, Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Another world is possible! We’ve modelled it in cardboard. It’s a rerun of David and Goliath, the small man and woman versus the big, the righteous against the rotters.”

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