A Story Unwritten ‘Just A Little Taste’ Tour

Upcoming hard rock/grunge band, A Story Unwritten, is set to take to the streets for their ‘Just A Little Taste’ weekender tour. The hard rock trio will be playing three shows, in three different states, over three consecutive days.

Brothers Brandon & Dominic Iacoponi, say that along with playing songs from their previously released EP, ‘Sleepwalking In Circles’; they also have a few surprises in store. Each show will be unique, in that all three tour dates will consist of different setlists, song orders, and will overall be a different show each night.

The band hits the road this summer on July 20th, kicking off their 2017 tour in the Chicagoland area for a home field advantage. Afterwards, they will travel over the next two days, in the hopes of gaining chatter, and keeping the buzz for their upcoming full-length album.

Upon returning home from their ‘Just A Little Taste’ tour, the band is set to immediately hit the studio, and begin recording.


With the tour coming up, the brothers had only one last comment, saying that “Whether you’ve heard our very first single just once, listen to our entire EP regularly, or know absolutely nothing about us; The album is going to blow you away.”

So be on the lookout for A Story Unwritten, cuz they may be coming to your city, to give you ‘Just A Little Taste’.

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