Mona Najib ‘Limbo’ [Video]

The story of Mona Najib spans three continents within its first sentence; the Swedish-born, LA-based child of a Moroccan father (who traversed the Sahara Desert to start his new life in Scandinavia). Najib is indeed a daughter of a nomad, if not a nomad herself.

Najib conveys a depth, sensitivity, and a range of inspiration as dynamic as her path. Delivering the wintery atmosphere of Uppsala, her hometown in Sweden, with the enchanting warmth of her Moroccan roots, Najib’s voice evokes both fragility and power.

From the clean electronic sounds of Swedish pop artists, like Seinabo Sey and Robyn, to the smoky grooves of American R&B and soul, she cites some of her earliest influences as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Also drawing from alternative and contemporary artists such as Solange, BANKS, Emily King, RY X and Bon Iver, her creative pulse flows in as the sounds of her everyday life, adding dimension and complexity to a core of simplicity and pure emotion.

Two years in the making, Najib’s much anticipated single ‘Limbo’ was released in December 2016 and has been described as ”a culture clash with pure pop hooks” (New & Brave).

Howlin’, Najib’s second single, co-written and co-produced by Swedish duo Sandro Cavazza and Dhani Lennevald is set to be released in late April, followed by a collaboration EP with producer Jason Goldman.

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