East London’s newest pop star, ARLO presents ‘Shake The Room’

“Stunning . A confessional hymn ivory is a superb piece of gospel infused R&B record” Clash

“This one is powerful and unique, with Arlo singing out the introspective lyrics in while chimes softly echo in and out.” Earmilk

“The raw power of this aching hymnal bowls me over. Ivory is a massive debut from 24 year old British newcomer Arlo, whose gospel and R&B infused alt pop and spectacular vocals are like a compelling cross between Rationale and Lanks.” I Heart Moosiq

“With an R&B vocal that oozes an earnest soul quality akin to John Legend, coupled with rhythmic arrangement that boasts confidence in spades comes UK artist Arlo.” AU Review

ARLO launched onto the scene with his debut single ‘Ivory’ in early April. Clearly not one to rest on his laurels, ARLO is back just a month later with its follow up.

Where ‘Ivory’ gained the pop newcomer some impressive praise, ‘Shake The Room’ is poised to floor the fence sitters in proving this 24-year old Londoner has what it takes to stamp his mark all over 2017 and all off his own back.

In the man’s own words : “’Shake The Room’ is about losing confidence in yourself, not trusting your gut and allowing others to control your future”. In pure defiance, he sings “I don’t need your reverence, I don’t need your approval” – constantly striving to be the individual that he was always destined to be.

‘Ivory’ and ‘Shake The Room’ are the first in a series songs to come from ARLO across the summer and give you some insight into what he has to offer.

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