How to Write Music that Everyone Wants to Hear

The UK music scene is an exciting place to be right now. Singer-songwriters, rappers and urban artists, to name a few genres, are all creating some amazing sounds. And the world is taking notice of it all.

If you want to join the ranks of UK musicians who are impressing others with the music they make, then take some time to brush up on your musical theory – specifically, the Circle of Fifths.

You may have already touched upon the Circle of Fifths when you were first learning to play an instrument, or if you’ve ever been to a song-writing workshop. But, if you’re itching to write some great music and are struggling to get started or find the right chord progression, spend more time with the Circle of Fifths and you’re sure to find the perfect tune.

The Circle of Fifths makes it easier to create:

● Consonance or dissonance.
● Find the perfect chord progression.
● Match relative major or minor keys.
● Transpose songs into different keys.
● And much, much more.

Start writing more of the songs the world would love to hear, by understanding and memorising the Circle of Fifths.

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