Celebrity favourite, Artist Hebru Brantley & Fluorescent Smogg bring a one off immersive show to London

Fluorescent Smogg are extremely proud to present a groundbreaking collaboration with Hebru Brantley for his first ever bronze sculptures in a sensational immersive show, Flyboy London. Already renowned globally, Hebru Brantley’s star is in the ascendant, with his first US museum show coming up in September.

For the very limited edition Flyboy sculptures, Chicago’s Brantley worked closely with Fluorescent Smogg for a year to realise his vision. His iconic Flyboy character has never been made in bronze before.

Of paramount importance to Fluorescent Smogg was to produce sculptures of the absolute highest fine art standard. The pieces were initially sculpted by Brantley and Fluorescent Smogg, then cast by one of the world’s leading fine art specialists using 3000 year old methods perfected by Renaissance artists such as Donatello and Lorenzo Ghiberti.

The three editions are beautifully finished in classic bronze, gold and green patina. Throughout history, bronze has been considered the ultimate fine art medium, with its potential lifespan of hundreds of years.

Brantley is famous for his conceptualised characters that create urban narratives, explore pop culture and challenge traditional interpretations of heroes and protagonists. Flyboy is by far the most recognisable of Brantley’s iconic images. Previously he has worked in media as diverse as wood, found objects, spray paint, coffee and tea.

Fluorescent Smogg are renowned across Europe for their thrilling site-specific installations and immaculate art production. For Flyboy London, everything has been curated scrupulously – from the very bricks and mortar of the unique venue itself, to plinth production and choreographed lighting – to produce a stunning immersive experience – powerfully focussed into a three-day show.

Hebru Brantley spoke about his pioneering bronze collaboration with Fluorescent Smogg:

“I am excited to finally be working within this medium. I have created in several other mediums and have been working up to this point. Bronze is such a historically respected medium in the art world that it is truly a unique experience to see my work in this way.”

Visit flyboylondon.com for the latest show news, updates, art releases and treasure hunt. #FLYBOYLONDON

When: Friday 18th August – 10am-5pm | Saturday 19th August – 10am-5pm

Where: Hoxton Arches, Cremer Street, London, E2 8HD

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