Introducing, Yify (“ee-fee”) is an Indie Cinematic Pop Artist based in New York City

“Η «τέχνη» του θεάτρου ή μήπως "> your children your values – don’t just teach them how to tie their shoes and do multiplication tables. Teach them how to think about the important things in life.

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“Η «τέχνη» του θεάτρου ή μήπως Yify (“ee-fee”) is an indie cinematic pop artist based in New York City. Born in the metropolis of Beijing, she began her musical journey on the violin at the age of five and pursued a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from the University of North Carolina.

forex currency rates A spinal injury however, prevented a profession in classical violin during college. To deal with the pain, Yify began composing songs on the piano and wrote numerous piano instrumentals during this time. Despite still completing the violin performance degree, she diverged onto a path in business and after a few years of difficult soul searching, came to realize the only calling for her is music.

how to binary options brokers make money Yify makes music to heal herself, and along the way she hopes others as well. She is inspired by art that cuts to the core of matters of life in a deeply personal way and aspires to make music as such.

free stock charts for binary options She has been writing songs and navigating the music industry since 2015, and considers herself a songwriter first, composer second, multi-instrumentalist third. In 2017, she had her first professional recognition when one of her earliest songs – “Morning Sun”, was selected as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. Yify will be releasing a 3-song EP on iTunes and Spotify this fall. Follow her to get notified when the songs come out!

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