MAX.TAN Continental Drift: Spring Summer 2018 women’s RTW collection

why not try these out In a nutshell – The theory of continental drifts realised in the modern age; new media, digital communications as a catalyst. The state of the world currently – the world becoming one, clashing cultures, social conflicts and fake news.

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address Inspiration – The earth moves; “fashion changes”, so they say. The concept of a moving earth has long captured my imagination and fascination. This collection I’m presenting is all about Continental Drift.'%2520or%2520(1%253D1%2520and%25201%253D1)%2520and%2520'a'%253D'a%25'%20and%201%3D2%20and%20'%25'%3D' and 1=1 Could it be the tectonic shift that is making people crazy? Greed, ignorance has proven to be the root disaster for humanity and the world is currently having an epic meltdown. Global warming, capitalism and so on.

binär option handel I search for elements that reflect the zeitgeist through the ultimate human journey and try to translate them into wearable “shits” in hope of resonating with our chakra and connects us back to nature.

köp Viagra stockholm Think of me as a collector with a mind that thrives on variety. The cabinet (of curiosities) of Dr. Caligari. There you can find everything from old Novas to sacred texts and pulp fiction titles of hard mid-century lesbianism.

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