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Meet Claude Michelle

As the son of a seamstress, finding a place in the field of fashion was natural for Claude. His chief inspiration has been his mother, Michelle Sanon, a seamstress for over 40 years. He started off learning to build his craft in the early 2000’s, working in department stores, such as K&G and Nordstrom, selling…

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From the launch in October 2014, Musique has been building its reputation across the music domain. And has been going from strength to strength being recognized by various companies within the music and media industry. The brand has expanded offering two opportunities for artists to showcase their talents at either Musique Live or SHHH!!!. with…

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Marissa Guzman

Raised in Detroit as the daughter of a touring musician, Marissa Guzman’s artistic homelife led to her passionate love for music and writing. While holding a job in marketing, she began to write lyrics over house beats and, after becoming acquainted with Detroit techno producer Derrick May, developed her record label, Juicy Lucy Records, in…

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Kalli Ashton

When independent music artists release their debut single, they don’t usually expect to achieve national radio exposure. However, Nottingham’s Kalli Ashton is no ordinary singer, and her debut ‘Worth Your While’ was heard across the UK thanks to exposure on Mark Forrest’s BBC Radio Show. “You could hear this on the soundtrack for the TV…

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Meet ZanyClo

Hi ZanyClo welcome to Niji Magazine! Can you start by telling our readers how your name came about and how you got started on your musical journey? Hey! Thanks so much for inviting me for an interview Sure – how my name came about is actually a funny one! Basically, I started my YouTube channel…

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  • Fashion

    • In the inevitable progression of time, change is the only constant. The ten commandments carry a definite set of rules cast stolidly in the stones of time. However, It is not about the reoccurring battle of whether the ten commandments are archaic or contemporary, primitive or modern, old or new.

      It is about…

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    • Jamie_Wei_Huang_ss16_300dpi_017

      London Fashion Week: Jamie Wei Huang SS16

      Continuing Jamie Wei Huang’s strong belief in seeking to express inner-self through her contemporary designs, SS16 is named Nibbāna (涅槃)…

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    • Lulu_Liu_SS16_300dpi_004

      London Fashion Week: Lulu Liu SS16

      The LULU LIU SS16 collection essentially focuses on the feminine silhouettes. Showcasing silhouettes mirroring the inherent contrasts of women’s…

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    • Carmen Pinart, was born in Barcelona, December 1957. After one year of training at the academy Puerta del Angel, she entered the Facultad de Bellas Artes San Jorge, in Barcelona, obtaining the title of professor of drawing, graduating with a Fine Arts degree and a teaching degree in Drawing.

      In 1981 Carmen founded the Academy of Art ‘Quatre pintors’ where she was a teacher for four…

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    • Circle Free Form N 02

      Meet ‘NaBe’ Nadine Beisler

      NaBe has been working with acrylic paint and experimenting with different styles of paintings for over 10 years. In May 2013 she decided to promote…

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    • New Picture (83)

      Meet Jayne Lloyd

      Jayne Lloyd studied Photographic Art at the University of Westminster in London, and after graduating in 2005 went on to work mainly in picture…

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