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Julian Keyz

Twenty-year old Chicago native, Julian “Keyz” Thomas has all the right ingredients to be the entertainment industry’s next big thing. The multi- talented entertainer is a musician, producer, singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, humanitarian and businessman who undoubtedly possesses the necessary 3c’s (creativity, consistency and commitment) required to take his brand to new heights. Citing the late Tupac…

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Phreeda Sharp

Born and raised in Ghana, Phreeda Sharp began writing songs at a young age. Initial ambitions of pursuing a career as a songwriter were soon shelved when she discovered her passion for rap and her knack for clever and witty wordplay. Phreeda has since released two mixtapes “7 Days In The Life of a Sharp…

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Isabel and I

Isabel and I is the creation of Sydney based designer Aundrea Silva. From hand-sewn creations during her early teens, collecting on trend pieces through university, and after spending years making a hobby of researching the latest fashion movements, Aundrea has brought her own flavour and insatiable love for modern fashion to life by bringing us Isabel…

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Sabrina Signs

With her passion for music engrained in her at such a young age, California-based rising pop artist, Sabrina Signs, recalls her musical journey simply beginning with her passion to constantly sing from the moment she woke until the moment she slept. By Brandon Schiafone With this habit as her motivator, Signs began to reach out…

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Skylight, with their inspiring pop rock repertoire, brings a fresh new perspective on musical craftsmanship to the forefront of popular culture. Despite the current state of our world, Skylight are still crazy enough to believe that things can change for the better and their music represents exactly that. These days, it’s rare to find a…

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  • Fashion

    • Jim Lee Captures The New Vintage Modeled by Jasmine Rivera.

      By TNT Tauna

      AMC’s new hit series, Mad Men, has inspired a retro craze that has been sweeping worldwide. Fashion bloggers and creatives are taking elements of vintage fashion from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s to create a new look called The New…

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    • 345233_num904999

      Introducing NEU Apparel

      The first online fitness wear brand for fashion loving, gym bunnies! Gym luxe without breaking the bank!

      NEU Apparel is a new trend led, fashion…

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    • af960927-778a-4389-be24-fda1dd7e071b

      Pitchouguina AW14/15

      Pitchouguina is a label based on emotions. It draws inspiration from everyday moments, everyday people, random words and awkward smiles and these…

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  • Art

    • Born in a suburb of Chicago, Megan Melonas always drew pictures of what she saw. But it was the moment that she gazed upon the nude statue Michelangelo’s David at age five that she became embarrassed.

      Her mother stopped her discomfort, and said the human body is to be viewed as beautiful, not obscene. This was her first exposure to a work of art that assured her to not be ashamed to stare….

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      Meet Deemonblack

      Deemonblack’s story began in December, 2013. He did a sketch of Frankenstein (Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein) on some large bits of card and…

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    • 3

      Meet Mindi Carri

      Mindi Carri lives on the East Coast in the beautiful and historic city of Wilmington, NC. Though Mindi is a budding artist, she has been creatively…

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  • Music

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  • News

    • #StreetSpeak is a new monthly talk show where the members of the public get their voices heard. #StreetSpeak covers a wide range of topics including mainstream music, stereotypes, racism, views on cheating and many more.

      These topics are featured on popular shows on TV but it is always the same type of people…

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    • 345758_num905331

      David Beckham Bodywear range for H&M

      This autumn, David Beckham is introducing new styles and fresh trends to his David Beckham Bodywear range for H&M, again with a focus on comfort,…

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    • 341420_num901724

      AOFM Pro groomed LC:M

      AOFM Pro is one of the worlds leading backstage makeup and hair team providers with branches in London, New York and Paris. Supplying backstage…

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