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Daniella Watters

Canadian award-winning Daniella Watters has been singing since she could talk. She began vocal lessons at the tender age of 7, recorded her first song at 11 and by 13 was touring Canada and the US with her girl pop group Untamed. Her taste in music has evolved, grown and adapted over the years to…

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Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak. Experiments with quirk cuts and expanding on extremely simple ideas define the Max.Tan language. Maximizing on minimalistic ideas, this complex language results in details that are sometimes blown out of proportions. Much of the label’s attention is paid to tailoring and draping while…

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Gayle Hanvidge

Last summer, Gayle Hanvidge set up her own studio at Glasgow Artist Studios and launched her very own womenswear label and first collection, “Marianne”. The Gayle Hanvidge brand has a strong focus on clean-cut silhouettes, decorated with unique ceramic embellishments to compliment each design. Gayle has received support from O2, Think Big and Somewhereto and…

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The Upset Victory

With almost as many record releases as they have years active, rising rock sensations, The Upset Victory, wasted no time imprinting their stamp in the music industry. Discovered and mentored by iconic, violin-wielding, pop punk unit, Yellowcard, TUV have shared the stage with such other acts as Strung Out, Hit the Lights, Story of the…

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Preme Writez

Preme Writez, with his charismatic delivery and soulful instrumentation brings a new element to Pop music. California bred, Preme, derived from Premier was introduced to music early in his childhood. As an entertainer, Premier began performing for live audiences as early as five years old and later in his teens he began juggling his two…

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    • Born and raised in the City of Chelmsford, Linda Blacker is an emerging fine art photographer. Her work has a unique style, intertwining fantasy and reality to create eye catching, colourful results.

      At the young age of 23, Linda’s distinctive artistic style is beginning to forge a powerful and prominent pathway in the photographic industry. Leading all who view her creations into a…

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      Meet Geraldine Gabriela Oquendo

      Geraldine Gabriela Oquendo is from Venezuela and has been painting for three years, but has been drawing since she was a child. After trying out…

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    • Deorsum Peteret

      Meet Brian Kielt

      Brian Kielt (b. 1987) is a Visual Artist from Co. Derry. In 2007, he completed a diploma in Art and Design at the North West Regional College with…

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    • Smashing it’s way straight out of the East End markets and the back of Del Boy’s van; D Double E wraps up the old skool saying, pours it over a crunching 8-bit soundtrack and presents his new single ‘Lovely Jubbly’.

      Whether it’s the reference to the title, or the punch lines, ad-libs and unmistakable…

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      Halo ‘Highlights’ [New EP]

      Nigerian born, London based Halo is a rapper with a confident urban pop sound. His brand new four song EP, ‘Highlights’, was released on…

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    • All_Ewian_72dpi

      Ewian ‘Good Old Underground’ [New Album]

      Ewian was formed in March 2013 by German composer Ewian Christensen, who is responsible for lead vocals, piano, sound composition and the majority of…

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