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Preme Writez

Preme Writez, with his charismatic delivery and soulful instrumentation brings a new element to Pop music. California bred, Preme, derived from Premier was introduced to music early in his childhood. As an entertainer, Premier began performing for live audiences as early as five years old and later in his teens he began juggling his two…

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Palm Trees & Power Lines

Started in 2011, and influenced by many bands including New Found Glory, Yellowcard, and blink-182 Palm Trees and Power Lines have been thriving to dominate the local pop/punk scene in Jacksonville, Florida. Singer/Guitarist Josh Cravey, Guitarist Shafer Tasso, Bassist Kyle Bailey, and Drummer Casey Johnson have put all their efforts into making enjoyable, positive music to…

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Sky Heavens

From mirrors to international concert venues, school cafeterias to Saturday Night Live, Brooklyn’s own rising popstar, Sky Heavens, is taking the music industry by storm. By Brandon Schiafone Having received her first big break as a background vocalist for R&B star, Karl Thomas, Heavens has had the opportunity to perform with such iconic celebrities as Nicki…

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The Wah Wah Collective

The Wah Wah Collective were initially a London based neo-soul underground music group who released vinyl only EP’s and Singles from 2002-2005. The music group gained notoriety for their mixture of neo-soul with alternative dance by founding members Georgeyo and The Elusive (Najo). The music group gained notoriety for their mixture of neo-soul with alternative…

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Meet Jara, a 19 year old Indie Pop Artist from San Diego, California. He has the ability to showcase smooth soulful vocals over a range of musical genres such as hip hop, R&B and rock n roll! Jara blends old and new sounds to create Fresh and Soulful melodies which can be featured on songs…

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  • Fashion

    • JC Candanedo aka Grey Pistachio is a London based photographer who specialises in portraits, headshots, fashion and editorials.

      He was born in Panama to a Catalan family but in his early twenties he decided to go back to his family roots and moved to Barcelona, where after a few years he started shooting portraits…

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    • New Picture (9) Fall 2014 Drop 1 Lookbook

      The Fall Drop 1 Lookbook features new jersey silhouettes including the introduction of the DOPE MX Jersey, a brand new print inspired by pioneers of…

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    • 402696_num993643

      Sarah Lai SS15 Collection ‘Freedom’

      Sarah Lai, a young Hong Kong based fashion entrepreneur, has once again reimagined fashion, infusing the wardrobe of modern women with her…

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    • Melancholic cries of silence echo through abandoned metal as the mundane and functional sigh deep into a raw pathos. Crumpled cans of fleeting convenience past take on new life through the haunting characters in My Dog Sighs work.

      Everyman and women fade into forgotten, concrete nomads as his characters sing trampled identity through the maelstrom; begging an empathy that may never come…

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    • On a Frozen Niskonlith Night, Dancing Cattails are Attacked by a Partially Submerged Loon-faced Tree, 16x20 acrylic

      Meet Zero Nullmann

      Zero Nullmann was conceptualized in a small visual mining town on the banks of the Elbe, a month before Kennedy was shot. To this day, thankfully, he…

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    • 10366165_10152085909956198_7770502516739685486_n

      Meet Poet Nicholas Gagnier

      Nicholas Gagnier (also known by his pseudonym, Retkon Poet) is a Canadian writer and poet from Ottawa, ON. He is the co-founder of Good Morning…

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