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Skylight, with their inspiring pop rock repertoire, brings a fresh new perspective on musical craftsmanship to the forefront of popular culture. Despite the current state of our world, Skylight are still crazy enough to believe that things can change for the better and their music represents exactly that. These days, it’s rare to find a…

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Brandon Aaron

Rocketing his way into the music industry, Brandon Aaron’s first single, ‘Moonlight,’ was only released a little over two months ago. However, since then the track has been downloaded 1,500 times, and that’s even before it went live on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon. Only a month after its release Aaron was headhunted on Twitter by a representative from MTV…

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Joy Osaiah

Joy Osaiah has arrived to offer a fresh and unique voice and a different narrative to the UK Hip-Hop/Soul music landscape. Touted as one of British Music’s best-kept secrets but not for much longer as she steps into the fore in 2014 on the back of the release of her debut offering “Reality”. As an…

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Iron Braydz

Established rapper Iron Bradyz was born in Nigeria, but moved to North London at a young age. Influenced by some of the best rap artists in the industry he has forged a solid career whilst keeping true to his hip hop roots. With new material in the offering Niji Magazine took the time to go…

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Tony Momrelle

Tony Momrelle is one of the UK’s most significant and exciting soulful singer-songwriters. His first major musical encounter with none other than the legendary Gloria Estefan helped Tony to secure numerous lucrative offers of session work, a field in which he excelled. Momrelle is another of those effortlessly talented artists with a family upbringing steeped in…

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