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Olivia Penalva

Since age eleven, Olivia Penalva has been making a solid mark on the music industry. Having been the finalist in competitions such as The International Songwriting Competition and RBC’s ‘She’s The One’ Competition; catching the attention of popular Canadian radio station, CHUM FM; and performing to a sold-out crowd at age thirteen, she’s wasted absolutely no…

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Tori Lynn

Tori Lynn, a teen triple threat born in Fairfax County, Virginia, has been performing as a young pop artist since the age of eleven. Her dance career started at age three and has landed her work with famous choreographers such as Mia Michaels, Brian Friedman, Dave Scott, Laurie Ann Gibson, Cris Judd, Wade Robson and…

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Deli Rowe

Deli Rowe is an indie R&B/soul singer-songwriter based out of Richmond, Virginia. With a sultry voice that draws you in with its sweet caress of soul, she has been building a loyal following in Richmond and beyond, starting with the release of her self-produced debut EP, Growing Pains, in 2010. In the past year alone,…

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Malynda Hale

Los Angeles-based multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Malynda Hale exhibits all of the qualities of a true embodiment of talent and creativity. Classically-trained in both vocal performance and musical theater, this stunning performer has secured her place in the Recording Academy, as well as having experienced praise from such sources as Urban Flux and Music Connection Magazines. Hale…

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Meet Claude Michelle

As the son of a seamstress, finding a place in the field of fashion was natural for Claude. His chief inspiration has been his mother, Michelle Sanon, a seamstress for over 40 years. He started off learning to build his craft in the early 2000’s, working in department stores, such as K&G and Nordstrom, selling…

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    • Ka Wa Key obtained the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (YDTA) in 2012 with a scholarship of 0.25 million dollars. Also that year Key won first place in the Hong Kong Fashion Designers’ Association Talent Award.

      Key is an emerging menswear designer, recognised for his sophisticated sensual work, including…

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      Jay Briggs presents: Sacred Treason

      Inspired by the life of Anne Boleyn, “Sacred Treason” Jay Briggs continues to look at empowered women who in this circumstance changes the face of a…

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      Max.Tan SS16 ‘Thou Shalt Not’

      In the inevitable progression of time, change is the only constant. The ten commandments carry a definite set of rules cast stolidly in the stones of…

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    • Jennifer Cooksey is an American artist living and working in San Diego, California. She is also the owner of After Dark Creations who specialize in Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) art and mixed media monster sculptures.

      Jennifer had a multicultural upbringing, having a Mexican mother and Irish father gave her a unique perspective that she brings to traditional art. She also infuses…

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    • letsTurnTheWaterInToWinwOneMoreTime

      Meet Brandon Scott

      Brandon Scott was born in Long island, New York and is of Lithuanian descent. He currently lives and works in Bradenton, Florida. He coined the term…

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      Meet Holly McGee

      Holly McGee is an American artist residing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

      She is a self-taught illustrator whose…

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